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Medilux Healthcare Ltd., (MHL) now fully owned by PPM Consult

PPM worked closely with Medilux Healthcare Ltd. (MHL) over several years to develop new markets internationally for non-invasive and drug free medical diagnosis and treatments.
MHL bridged the gap between medical professionals and the general public, providing education through the media and medical charities as well as marketing and patient enquiry services.
With the growing convergence of the two businesses, in 2012 PPM took over all the activities previously conducted by MHL and the web sites that we had helped to create.
We have continued to expand the MHL brand and we now operate a range of specialist medical web sites. is our simplified web site for cancer patients only, providing access to top cancer centres and specialists in Europe and North America. focuses upon the latest medical technologies and advanced treatment centres, with an Assisted Enquiry Service for doctors and patients. This includes specialist treatment centres in the USA and Europe and university or other major hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. focuses upon devices for medical professionals and for scientific and commercial research, with particular reference to devices for non-invasive diagnosis and therapy is dedicated to 'non-invasive' CyberKnife radiosurgery, with information and online enquiry servicse for doctors and patients, plus promotion of advanced training and technical support services for CyberKnife centres worldwide. is dedicated to dialysis centres for business and holiday travellers.
Rotating gantry room, ProCure proton therapy centre
Rotating gantry room at ProCure proton therapy cancer centre, USA
Advanced neurosurgery navigation techniques at Mainz University Hospital, Germany
Advanced neurosurgery navigation techniques at Mainz University Hospital, Germany

Medical products include

Aklides NUK Automatic evaluation system from Germany for measurement of DNA double strand breaks to detect damage.
Episcan Dermal ultrasound scanner from UK/USA provides high definition images of dermal tissue for pressure ulcer detection, burns, dermatology, skin cancer, evidence-based treatment assessments and research.
Q.Light Non-laser phototherapy devices from Switzerland for general medical applications and a cost-effective platform for photodynamic therapy (PDT) for skin cancer. Q.Light
Generic Assays Diagnostic tests from Germany including Crohn's Disease and peripheral polyneuropathies by ganglioside antibodies. Generic Assays
CyberKnife radiosurgery for a brain, spine and eye tumours in Munich, Germany
CyberKnife radiosurgery in Munich, Germany for a brain tumour - in as little as one 90 minute treatment.
Vectra XT 3D simulation for aesthetic surgery at Vienna International Medical Clinic, Austria
Vectra XT 3D simulation before aesthetic surgery in Vienna, Austria

Treatment centres include

Particle beam therapy centres in the USA and Europe. Proton therapy offers important advantages over radiotherapy, delivering higher doses of radiation much more accurately and with far less exposure to surrounding tissue.
CyberKnife radiosurgery centres including three in Germany, all in association with local University Hospitals. CyberKnife is a high precision, non-surgical radiation treatment including complex, inoperable tumours and eye cancers, sometimes in as little as a single treatment.
University, municipal and specialist private hospitals in Germany, Austria and the USA, including robotic surgery, rehabilitation, DNA analysis for chemotherapy, liver dialysis, customised knee implants, live donor lung transplant, 3-D modelled aesthetic surgery, embryo freezing and much more.
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Episcan virtual biopsy of a skin lesion, with linear and area measurements.
Episcan virtual biopsy of a skin lesion, with linear and area measurements.
GreenLight Laser for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Prostate surgery by Greenlight laser at Nuremberg Hospital, Germany
The latest ion beam therapy improves fuirther on this, with much greater power for stubborn tumours and improved accuracy for deeper tumours and larger patients
Many times faster than manual counting and avoids problems of inconsistent counting between individuals and centres. Aklides NUK
Aklides/Akiron analysers
Most ultrasound systems are unable to image at this shallow depth. Episcan
Q.Light non-laser phototherapy systems
Generic Assays diagnostic tests
Consultation at Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer hospital, New York
Consultation at Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer hospital, New York
With fewer side effects and less danger of radiation-induced cancer in later life, proton therapy is ideal for children and older patients especially.
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