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MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service for business and holiday travellers
We do not currently feature any dialysis centres in the USA with free, direct enquiry.
California Los Angeles
California Sacramento
California San Francisco
California San Jose
Illinois Chicago
New York Manhattan
Tennessee Memphis
Texas Austin
Texas Houston

Enquiries for dialysis in the USA

Through the standard MHL Dialysis Enqury Service we can however check availability for dialysis at these listed cities in the USA.
Dialysis in New York for business visitors and tourists.
MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service
Dialysis at a choice of locations in New York

Custom search in the USA

Whether you are looking for dialysis at or near a specific city or you are planning a trip to several locations, you can e-mail us for assistance at:
We will advise you of our charges for search and enquiry, depending upon the time and effort that we anticipate will be needed and these must be paid in advance, before we start to search.
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Dialysis centres for business and holiday travellers
Free enquiries to featured dialysis centres

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US dialysis centres or hospitals offering holiday dialysis are invited to contact MHL. Patients enquire free of charge to featured dialysis centres.
Please complete our Dialysis Enquiry Form and select Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Manhattan, San Francisco or USA - other listed location from the drop-down menu.
Please note that we do not receive any form of payment from these centres
If we find availability at your chosen location we will ask you to pay our introduction fee to proceed.
On receipt of payment we will pass your contact details to the dialysis centre and give you theirs, so that you can complete the arrangements directly.
If you enquire within 30 days of proposed treatment we will ask you to pay our fee before we check for availability.
There are very many dialysis centres in the USA, whether individual, part of smaller or larger chains plus dialysis services in hospitals, including university hospitals.
We cannot possibly list all these on our web site, so if you are looking for dialysis outside the major cities in our standard enquiry service we can advise or perform a custom search for you.