MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service for business and holiday travellers
Helsinki University/private centres
Hyvinkää Public hospital
Imatra Public hospital
Joensuu Public hospital
Jyväskylä Public hospital
Kajaani Public hospital
Kemi Public hospital
Kokkola Public hospital
Kuopio University hospital
Lappeenranta Public hospital
Loimaa Public hospital
Oulu University hospital
Pori Public hospital
Porvoo Public hospital
Raseborg Public hospital
Rauma Public hospital
Rovaniemi Public hospital
Salo Public hospital
Savonlinna Public hospital
Tampere Public hospital
Uusikaupunti Public hospital
Vaasa Public hospital
Vantaa Public hospital
We do not currently feature any dialysis centres in Finland with free, direct enquiry.

Enquiries for dialysis in Finland

We can however check availability for dialysis  at the listed locations.
MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service

Dialysis Centres in Finland

Dialysis for holiday and business trips to the lakes and cities of Finland
Dialysis services for visitors to the Finnish lakes

Custom search in Finland

On request we can provide contact information for additional hospital-based dialysis services in Finland.
For most of these we cannot make the enquiry for you as patients are required to telephone their requests to the hospital directly.
For custom dialysis enquiry in Finland, please e-mail now without commitment.
Map of dialysis centres in Finland
Dialysis in Finland, Vaasa
Dialysis in Finland, Vantaa
Dialysis in Finland, Kuopio
Dialysis in Finland, Helsinki
Dialysis in Finland, Salo
Dialysis in Finland, UUsikaupunti
Dialysis in Finland, Loimaa
Dialysis in Finland, Tampere
St Petersburg (Russia)
Dialysis in Russia, St Petersburg
Umea (Sweden)
Dialysis in Sweden, Umea
Tromso (Norway)
Dialysis in Norway, Tromso
Kirkenes (Norway)
Dialysis in Norway, Kirkenes
Kalix (Sweden)
Dialysis in Sweden, Kalix
Dialysis in Finland, Raseborg
Dialysis in Finland, Hyvinkää
Dialysis in Finland, Joensuu
Dialysis in Finland, Imatra
Dialysis in Finland, Jyväskylä
Dialysis in Finland, Kemi
Dialysis in Finland, Lappeenranta
Dialysis in Finland, Pori
Dialysis in Finland, Rauma
Dialysis in Finland, Porvoo
Dialysis in Finland, Rovaniemi
Dialysis in Finland, savonlinna
Dialysis in Finland, Kajaani
Dialysis in Finland, Kokkola
Dialysis in Finland, Oulu
Dialysis in Estonia, Tallinn
Tallinn (Estonia)
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MHL Dialysis
Dialysis centres for business and holiday travellers
Free enquiries to featured dialysis centres

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Dialysis centres or hospitals in Finland offering holiday dialysis are invited to contact MHL. Patients enquire free of charge to featured dialysis centres.
Please complete our Dialysis Enquiry Form and select Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Oulu, Rovanieni, Tampere or Finland - Other listed location from the drop-down menu.
If the centre is available and you wish to proceed we charge a small handling fee for this service.
On receipt of payment we will pass on your enquiry and ask your selected centre  to reply to you directly.
If you enquire within 30 days of proposed treatment we will ask you to pay our fee before we check for availability.
Please note that we do not receive any form of payment from these centres