Business enquiries to MHL

For business enquiries only please contact MHL
We welcome enquiries from dialysis centres, dialysis holiday companies or dialysis manufacturers or suppliers who wish to be featured on this web site.

Enquiries for advanced medical treatments

For all other treatments including liver dialysis please visit our web site FindBestTreatment.com and enquire for treatment there.
MHL enquiry services for dialysis, advanced medical treatments or devices and for medical technical services.

Kidney dialysis enquiries

Please use the contact details provided on the  country pages or individual dialysis centre pages.
For some dialysis centres we are able to offer free direct contact by patients or we provide a dedicated email address, in which case your enquiry will be forwarded to the centre automatically.
We do not own or operate any dialysis or treatment centres ourselves!
Free direct enquiries
MHL Dialysis Enquiry Service
On receipt of payment we will forward your details and the dialysis centres will then contact you to discuss your requirements.
Futher dialysis centres are available through our paid introduction service, for a modest fixed fee.  When you send your enquiry you will be directed to the payment page.
haemodialysis introductions for business and holiday travellers
Ion beam therapy is safer and has fewer side effects than radiotherapy
Ion beam therapy is more powerful and much more accurate than radiotherapy. Side effects are greatly reduced, making it safe even for small children.
MHL for advanced medical treatments
MHL Dialysis
Dialysis centres for business and holiday travellers