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Transplant operations

Transplant is a highly complex area of surgery and rigorous screening of both donor and recipient is required. 
Immuno-supression measures are required to prevent rejection of transplanted organs and careful monitoring is necessary for some time after the operations.
Ethical issues also arise on the sourcing of live donor or cadaver organs, so patients are advised to consider very carefully the record and experience of any hospital or surgeon offering transplant therapy.
MHL has been asked to, but we will not pass on offers to sell organs to hospitals or individuals!

Deceased donor transplants

Transplant surgery is a difficult area for international patients, since availability of donor organs can be restricted to nationals or those from a limited area.
MHL works with university hospitals in Germany and Austria, where deceased donor transplants are restricted to residents of the Eurotransplant Region and cooperating countries.
Currently the Eurotransplant Region means Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Slovenia only.
Some areas are more open however, e.g. those involving the removal of organs or parts of organs from a live donor, usually but not necessarily a family member.

Live donor transplants

Where a patient has a suitable donor prepared to offer a kidney for transplant, donor and recipient can travel together for treatment.
Similarly liver donor liver transplant has become more common, where a portion of the donor's liver is transplanted. The liver has great powers of regeneration.
In a successful operation the donor's liver will substantially regrow and the transplanted portion will also grow to significant proportion of normal liver size.
For example we can assist patients seeking live donor lung transplants, where two suitable donors each donate half a lung to a single recipient, though very few hospitals are able to offer this.
MHL can introduce patients to several university hospitals in Austria, Germany and the USA for transplant operations.
NOTE: Patients awaiting a liver transplant may wish to consider liver dialysis.
Deceased and live donor organ transplants in Austria, Germany and USA including kidney, liver and lung.

Transplant Enquiries

Availability of donor organs is very limited but if you have a live donor, either already approved or requiring assessment, enquiry is unrestricted.
Enquire now without commitment.

Medical and ethical issues

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Deceased donor transplants in Germany or Austria

We can also introduce enquiries to a number of university hospitals in the USA. The number of organs available for non-US residents is limited, but some international patients do receive transplants.

Deceased donor transplants in the USA

Live donor transplants are not restricted by nationality. Medical treatments generally are less expensive in Europe than the USA, however there are many factors to consider in deciding on a hospital.

Live donor lung transplants

Live donor liver transplants

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