Rehabilitation and Neurorehabilitation

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation means the most comprehensive restoration of your health and abilities, following sickness, accident or injury, in a clinic which has been especially conceived, qualified and assessed for this purpose.
Germany in particular takes rehabilitation very seriously and it therefore has some of the best facilities and most experienced rehabilitation specialists
Few other countries take such a comprehensive and practical view of the patient's health and well being.

Benefits of rehabilitation in a clinic

Scientific studies have shown that a stay of several weeks in a rehabilitation clinic almost always has positive effects on the final outcome for the patient.
For instance range of movement may be restricted because the patient is often unable to train his own musco-skeletal system so thoroughly.
With out-patient therapy only it is not possible to devote such attention to the individual diagnosis and fine tune treatments to progress as recovery takes place
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Rehabilitation Enquiries

Do you need rehabilitation or surgery?

Sometimes and particularly in the case of old injuries which start to become troublesome again, it is not obvious whether further surgery is required or whether a course of intensive rehabilitation is the better course.
In these situations an expert rehabilitation centre with scanning and diagnostic services on site is well placed to advise.
If surgery is required they should be able to coordinate this locally, with a tailored rehabilition programme to follow afterwards.
In Germany and Austria rehabilitation in a specialist clinic is a matter of course after sickness, stroke, accident, surgery or injury.
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