Orthopaedics and Traumatology

What is traumatology?

Traumatology is concerned with the treatment of injuries, whether accidental or from assaults, including by surgery. It does not have to be immediate treatment; it could be given some years after the initial injury.
Sometimes initial treatment or surgery after injury does not prove to be satisfactory and in many cases it  may only be intended as a temporary solution, until more expert care is obtained.
This is especially true in conflict zones, where local treatment can be limited to stabilising the patient's condition.
Particularly with children, treatment which was originally satisfactory can become problematic with time. Natural bone growth can give rise to increasing complications, meaning that surgery needs to be repeated or adapted to restore correct function.

Non-surgical spine treatment

Facet Infiltration is an injection treatment of the small vertebral joints of the spinal column, which is carried out under with the guidance of CT scanning.
An anti-inflammatory drug is injected very precisely in order to reduce irritation caused to nerve endings when joints deteriorate or otherwise lose mobility (arthrodesis)
Pain relief can be immediate or build over a few days, so a week or more may be necessary to determine how effective the treatment has been.
Facet Infiltration may be used for spondylarthrosis due to deterioration of the small vertebral joints or arthrodesis of the spinal column.  It is less useful for disc prolapse.
Periradicular Therapy is an injection therapy of the nerve roots exiting the vertebral canal, also carried out under with the guidance of CT scanning.
As discs deteriorate or due to prolapse, the nerves exiting at each disc can become compressed, leading to swelling of the nerve root and further compression. 
An anti-inflammatory injection can reduce this compression and ease the pain radiating down the leg.
Periradicular therapy may be used for persevering pain following a disc prolapse or 'cicatricial' pain following surgery of the intervertebral disc
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Sometimes the choice is not clear and the decision on where to go for treatment may affect pain or mobility for the rest of the patient's life.
It is important to choose a centre which is specialised and experienced in the particular medical condition, whether or not this includes surgery.
Some of the top, well-equipped 'rehabilitation' centres also able offer an increasingly wide range of surgery using minimally invasive techniques, including cartilage transplants or implants, tendon reconstruction and surgical reconstruction for diabetic foot ulcers.

Alternatively they will will refer you on for expert surgery elsewhere, if that is the most appropriate treatment. Similarly a good orthopaedic hospital will advise you when rehabilitation is preferable to surgery.

Surgery or rehabilitation?

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