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MHL Health helps doctors and patients to obtain advanced medical treatments
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How do I find and obtain treatment?

The simplest way is just to complete our enquiry form and explain your problem or what you are looking for.
Alternatively you can browse through our Specialist Treatment section first and read about some of the new treatments that are now available.
We may have to ask you for further information first or make outline enquiries to treatment centres to clarify our proposal, but if we think we can help you we will suggest one or more treatment centres where we can send your details, with our reasons.
If you agree to our suggestions, on receipt of payment we will release your full information including uploaded scans and reports to your chosen hospital(s)
You only pay once per enquiry, even if we have to send your details to a few hospitals. To maintain the integrity of our service we will only send enquiries to a limited number of hospitals where we believe there is a reasonable chance of a favourable response.

Why look for treatment abroad?

Most people would prefer to be treated close to home, but there are several reasons why you might look elsewhere.
. Some treatments such as ion beam therapy for cancer are only available in a few countries.
Rare or complex diseases
. In smaller countries especially it is impossible to accumulate the expertise to identify and treat rare diseases, without seeing a large number of patients.
Sometimes the top specialists or treatments are simply located in another country. No single country has a monopoly on the best healthcare.
A different approach.
Medical opinion is not fixed and the approach to treatment can differ markedly between countries.
. Perhaps you have been given a treatment recommendation, but before committing to surgery you want another view. Is it really necessary or is there a better way? Sometimes there is.
Once you have your new opinion from a top specialist abroad, the decision to travel may be obvious.

How do I then decide?

We will also advise you of our handling fee to proceed further. For a few centres only we can proceed without a fee.
Because our perspective is international we can sometimes suggest possible treatments for you to enquire for that you are your doctor are unaware of.

The MHL Health service

We assist with early correspondence only, until you have a dialogue with the hospital/specialist or unless you wish to try another hospital.
Whether you make the decision yourself or ask your doctor, you will have an expert opinion to guide you to the choice that you feel is right for you.
Equally it may be clear that there would be little benefit over being treated locally.

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