General and Abdominal Surgery

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Latest surgical techniques at university and other leading hospitals

Modern surgical methods have moved on tremendously from traditional open surgery and minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery is now widely practiced, though the range of operations continues to increase.
Latest advances are moving towards single port surgery, where all procedures are performed through a single opening.  Wherever possible this is a natural orifice such as the navel, to further reduce visible scarring.
More hospitals worldwide are adopting 'robotic surgery', the most widely installed equipment being the da VinciĀ® system.

'Robotic' surgery

With this method the surgeon controls instruments placed within the body using magnified images from cameras and can make small, delicate movements that would be difficult or impossible by hand.
A surgeon who is thoroughly experienced with robotic surgery can perform operations more quickly and with less trauma to the patient, resulting in less operation pain, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery.
Certain forms of surgery such as prostate surgery are increasingly performed using daVinci, but some surgeons have now extended this method to areas such as lung surgery.
It is important to ask what experience surgeons have with robotic surgery in their particular field.

Intraoperative MRI scanning

With intraoperative MRI this is no longer necessary. Scans are performed in the operating theatre, with results instantly available to the surgeon.

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Another development which is increasingly being adopted by top hospitals is intraoperative scanning.
Sometimes during surgery a scan is needed to decide exactly where to operate and how much tissue to remove. This usually means stopping the operation and wheeling the patient  to a scanner in another department.
This increases the accuracy of surgery and shortens operations, which means safer surgery and better outcomes for patients.
Most of these offer advanced microsurgical techniques, including the da Vinci system and other advanced features such as intraoperative MRI scanning.
General and Abdominal Surgery
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