This is not an overview of all treatments for breast cancer,  but we highlight here some advanced treatments which are not yet widely known.
We also introduce patients to hospitals and treatment centres in Europe and the USA where these breast cancer treatments may be obtained.

Proton or ion beam therapy

Proton therapy is a high-precision radiation treatment that targets a tumour whilst sparing healthy tissue around it, so making it safer and with far fewer side-effects.
Radiotherapy uses X-ray beams which pass through the body, affecting everything in their path, but proton beams behave very differently.
The protons are aimed at the tumour, depositing maximum energy at a precisely calibrated depth and then they do not pass beyond the target.
Read more about proton therapy.

Particle therapy for breast cancer

It is best suited to younger breast cancer patients with primary tumours, but it is not a good indication for metastatic breast cancer.
Patients with localised breast cancer that requires inclusion of lymph nodes (Stage II and III).

Single dose intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT)

Originally designed to treat brain tumours, this is now finding a place with breast cancer.
After a lumpectomy the patient usually has 4-6 weeks of radiotherapy as a precautionary measure.
In contrast, intraoperative radiotherapy is delivered directly to the tumour bed, immediately after the lumpectomy and before the wound is closed.
Introperative radiotherapy given as part of an operation saves weeks of external radiotherapy later and spares the skin and intervening healthy tissue.
Because this is delivered externally, it often results in radiation burn to sensitive skin.
Visit the intraoperative radiotherapy page.

High dose rate brachytherapy

Brachytherapy for breast cancer works in a similar way to intraoperative radiotherapy, except that multiple small radiation sources are guided to the tumour bed by tubes and are then withdrawn.
Again, by administering the radiation internally after surgery, this spares the patient from weeks of external radiotherapy afterwards.
See brachytherapy for more details.
Breast cancer treatments
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Breast cancer treatment enquiries

MHL can introduce patients to specialist treatment centres plus university, teaching and private hospitals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK and USA.
Treatments include: proton or ion beam beam therapy, CyberKnife radiosurgery (for metastases), intraoperative radiotherapy, brachytherapy, surgery, breast reconstruction, chemotherapy etc.
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Treatments for breast cancer now include proton therapy, brachytherapy, intraoperative radiotherapy, non-surgical treatment for metastases and 3D modelled breast reconstruction.
Proton therapy may be especially beneficial for the following groups of breast cancer patients:
Patients with left-sided breast cancer, where there is greater exposure of the heart to radiation
Patients with pre-existing heart problems.
Compared to conventional radiotherapy for breast cancer, particle beam therapy (whether by protons or heavier ions) offers greatly reduced radiation to the heart, coronary arteries and to the lungs.
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Breast cancer treatments
Whilst breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women, men can also get breast cancer!

Ion beam therapy

Ion beam therapy is similar to proton therapy, except that the particles used are heavier and deliver a higher safe dose of radiation to target tumours.
Many countries are now opening or building proton centres but as yet there are very few working ion beam centres in the world.
MHL now works with the new ion beam centre in Austria, built in association with the famous CERN large hadron collider project in Geneva.
Unlike previous ion beam centres this does not compromise on accuracy when treating with just protons and international patients can apply through our service.

Advanced treatments for Breast Cancer

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