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MHL CyberKnife Service is an information and enquiry service from PPM Consult Ltd., without funding from the CyberKnife manufacturers.
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CyberKnife enquiries for doctors

We explain the benefits and limitations of this 'non-invasive' system and how cases are assessed for treatment.

CyberKnife Technical support

Non-surgical treatment of a brain tumour by CyberKnife radiosurgery
High-precision treatment for cancers and neurosurgery, including some inoperable brain tumours.
MHL Assisted Enquiry Service helps you to apply directly to pioneering CyberKnife centres including heart, lung, eye and palliative, as well as other treatments.
Benefits and limitations of CyberKnife for cancer and neurosurgery
CyberKnife training and technical support services
Patient and doctor enquiries for CyberKnife includes proton therapy and ion beam therapy.
European CyberKnife Centre in Munich, South Germany

New generation M6 CyberKnife in Munich

First centre worldwide to upgrade to CyberKnife M6.
Brain tumours treated in as little as one day.
Eye tumour treatments developed at this centre.

CyberKnife centres linked to university hospitals

Choose from three English speaking centres in Germany.
Each centre is affiliated with local university hospitals.
Brain, spine, lung, liver, eye, heart, pancreas and more.
Choose from a range of CyberKnife centres in Europe

Palliative treatments in North Germany

Centre  specialises in pancreas, liver, lung and palliative treatments.
Training and technical support for other CyberKnife centres.
North German CyberKnife Centre at Guestrow, between Berlin and Hamburg
Centre for new CyberKnife technology development.
Neurosurgical treatments include trigeminal neuralgia, acoustic neuroma and AVM

Neurosurgical and cancer treatments without incision

CyberKnife offers painless, non-surgical, out-patient treatments.
AVMs and complex tumours in inoperable locations.
Trigeminal neuralgia and acoustic neuroma.
Hermitage Clinic in Dublin is now available through MHL enquiry service
MHL can introduce patients to the only CyberKnife centre in Ireland.
Direct flights to Dublin from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Full service hospital in Dublin welcomes international patients.

CyberKnife technical support and training

Expert treatment planning for safer and more efficient operation
On site, off site and vacation support.
Treat difficult or complex cases with confidence.
Planning, purchasing and commissioning for new CyberKnife centres

Adding CyberKnife to a hospital or creating a new centre

Planning and commissioning new CyberKnife centres.
Rapid roll-out of treatments for faster return on investment.
Cost-effective purchasing and training during construction.

Dublin CyberKnife in modern private hospital

Enquiries for CyberKnife patient treatments and technical support services
Technical support, training and commissioning for new and existing CyberKnife centres
With advanced training and technical support, CyberKnife centres avoid expensive down-time and treat more patients.
Expert treatment planning means shorter and more precise treatments, faster turnover and shorter waiting lists.
CyberKnife centres progress more quickly to  complex, higher value treatments, improving outcome for patients and earning a  better financial return on  investment

CyberKnife enquiries for patients

CyberKnife is just one of a range of advanced treatments, including proton and ion beam therapy featured by MHL for cancer and other conditions.
MHL extends your reach and helps you to refer patients to university hospitals and specialist centres in Europe and North America.
We provide information and obtain prompt, expert opinions from world-leading specialists, to help you guide your patients.

Information and assisted enquiry services

MHL CyberKnife Service
Enquiry service for CyberKnife radiosurgery
MHL for advanced medical treatments

Frankfurt centre treats cardiac sarcoma

Saphir Radiosurgery in Frankfurt offers expert treatments for international patients
CyberKnife and GammaKnife radiosurgery on university hospital campus.
Convenient for international patients
All cancer cases assessed for a wide range of treatment options.