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Applying to other centres

Now it is well accepted and there are many centres around the world, but expertise must inevitably lag behind.
Back in 2006 we had to work hard to explain the CyberKnife system to patients and to obtain cooperation from doctors and health insurers.
Doctor and patient at the CyberKnife centre at Frankfurt University Hospital, Germany, where GammaKnife radiosurgery is also offered.
These include uveal melanomas (eye cancer), heart treatments (cardiac sarcoma) and new guidance systems to avoid the need for implanting markers before treatment in the abdomen.

Easy to travel for best treatment

CyberKnife is only as good as the surgeons who operate it. Some are neurosurgeons, whilst others specialise in different areas of surgery and treatment.

Skill and equipment

CyberKnife treatments are short and simple for patients, so it is easy to travel for the best treatment and fly home within a few days.

Complex procedures

It requires many accessories, specialised software and then training to make different types of treatment more accurate and effective.
Some treatments away from the brain and spine are more complex and new CyberKnife centres can be slow to adopt them.
CyberKnife Treatments - How Cases are Assessed

Enquiry for CyberKnife radiosurgery

We work with English-speaking CyberKnife centres in Europe, including pioneering centres which offer training and technical support to new CyberKnife centres.  We can also introduce patients to CyberKnife centres or hospitals outside our regular service.
MHL offers patients a choice of expert CyberKnife radiosurgery centres with different specialities
Enquire now without cost or commitment and we will tell you what we can suggest in your case.
We can also have your case reviewed at no extra cost for other treatments at university hospitals, or for proton or ion beam therapy.
Expert treatment planning reduces the total radiation to the body. Also the longer a treatment lasts, the more likely a patient is to fidget, so a shorter treatment is also a more accurate one.
As with anything else, the skill of CyberKnife surgeons increases with experience. Treatments become faster and this is not just a matter of convenience.
Team at the European CyberKnife Centre in Munich, Germany

Expert CyberKnife centres

For this reason you may not get an answer when you apply to them or you might be one of their first patients in this area.
We have long experience with CyberKnife self-referrals and we know what the doctors will require to review your case.
Even if you do not wish to travel to one of the centres that we suggest, we can still help you to apply to any CyberKnife centre of your choice.
We work closely with a number of expert centres linked to university hospitals, which have been at the forefront of developing new treatments.


As an experienced intermediary, we can open doors to hospitals that do not usually respond to patients directly.
We know their specialities and we can guide you accordingly
Enquire for Treatment
Not just CyberKnife
Latest ion therapy technology for cancer treatments, a partner project with CERN
CyberKnife or GammaKnife radiosurgery case review in Frankfurt
Prof Muacevic and Prof Wowra at ECZM where uveal melanoma treatments were developed
Ion beam therapy with integrated CT scanning
Choose a CyberKnife centre that specialises in your area of treatment, not just the nearest one.
CyberKnife Centre North Germany between Berlin and Hamburg
Hermitage Clinic Dunblin offers a full range of surgical and medical procedures.
The North German CyberKnife Centre works with L├╝beck University, Germany where much of the CyberKnife technology was developed
Hermitage Medical Clinic in Dublin, Ireland is a full service hospital with its own scanning and diagnostic facilities and international patient service.
The European CyberKnife Centre in Munich, Germany, developed treatment for eye cancers, which is now available in a number of advanced CyberKnife centres.
We help you to prepare your case, so that the doctors can review it easily and you have a better chance of acceptance.
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